KUERO carries the slogan ” FEEL BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OUT” because we believe that a true transformation comes from the inside! KUERO is a Christ Centered Social Enterprise believing that God has given each one of us Talents, Gifts, Abilities and Experiences. Our responsibility as son’s and daughter’s of Jesus Christ is to put our talents, gifts, abilities and experiences into use to provoke a positive change in society to expand HIs kingdom.  As a Designer and Social Entrepreneur I believe we all have a given purpose in lfie! I use my designer’s talent, which I am passionate about,  as platform to provoke the change I dreamed of seeing in our society. Delivering the word of God and bringing souls to Jesus Christ through a beautifully designed leather – handmade piece, thus, KUERO is my means and a vehicle used to preach the word of God. 

Thank You for contributing into God’s Kingdom, with your purchase we are investing in a life carrying the word of God in a Beautifully Handmade Leather Handbag!