Designer´s Statement

Hello, My name is Ana Alexandra Velazquez.  I am a Nicaraguan designer, women, mother, wife and social entrepreneur.  I am blessed and privileged!  My heart is  about giving and passionate about contributing to life transformation from the inside and out!

I am third generation artist, mother of four beautiful kids, which are an extension of my life and a treasure form above! I am married to a great man, an architect.

Today I want you to join me in this beautiful journey which started with a dream!  My dream is to contribute to a true life transformation from the inside and out helping the needing to accomplish their dreams!

I believe that each one has a purpose in life and a responsibility to play in society.  We have a designated platform. Talents, gifts and abilities have been given to us and need to be activated to provoke a positive change in society. 

KUERO is my private label, a designer brand, where beautiful leather handbags and other leather accessories are handmade by a group of talented, blessed Nicaraguan artisans.  KUERO is therefore, my platform and designing is my means to provoke a positive social change in society. I am then walking into my purpose!

As a designer and social entrepreneur I invite you to become part of my dream! Empowering people to live their dream contributing to a life transformation from the inside and out!

KUERO is a  proven timeless piece of art, with your purchase you will be provoking a positive change in one life!

Hugs from Nicaragua! 

Thank You!

God Bless you!




 John 3:16