Designer┬┤s Testimony

Hi, I am Alexandra Velazquez a fashion designer passionate about positively transforming people’s lives through our God’s given gifts. I was born in Canada to Nicaraguan parents and raised in Nicaragua. ” I am a true Latina from heart to soul”. A Latina passionate about family and aesthetic pleasure. It is the alchemy of the two that have become the inspiration for my handbags designs. I am mother to four kids that represent an extension of my life and are a perfect gift form above. Married to to a great man, an architect. I am third generation artist, my grandmother a jewelry designer and my mother a fashion designer. I grew up surrounded by nature, Nicaragua is a Central American Country filled with breathtaking beauty such as volcanoes tropical rainforest, volcanic islands, lagoons and wildlife unique to its region. Nicaragua’s history has produced strong, persistent, loving and hardworking people – people with dreams and a unique perspective of life and I am one of them. In 2005 I founded KUERO, a brand with the purpose of creating the first designer handbags in Nicaragua made with artisan leather, each individually handcrafted. I created my first handbag collection made with artisan leather introducing the bags to a growing touristic market in Nicaragua. My designs and the use of the finest artisan leather into a quality handcrafted product positioned the KUERO brand in Nicaragua becoming a unique brand of its kind. In 2012 KUERO when God gave me the slogan for KUERO ” feel beautiful inside and out” I knew I was also being called to use my God given talents to impact societies, communities, and countries. That same year KUERO evolved into a Christ Center social business model where my designer platform started of being of his use to transform people’s life from the inside and out in vulnerable communities in Nicaragua. In Abril 2018 many Nicaraguans were forced to leave Nicaragua, myself and family included, after the brutal political unrest lead by the actual Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega. I found myself with tears and in deep pain. I found myself unequipped and worthless. Leaving 16 employees behind and closing KUERO operations in Nicaragua has been one of the most painful events in my life. My first job in Canada was at Wagner Hills Farm Society an addiction treatment center for men and women. My job at Wagner Hills was product development specialist, but I felt called to devout my time to pray and love the men and women who were struggling with addiction. Prayer became a constant in my workplace, reading the scripture and devouring his word became priority in my life. Without knowing I started loving the men and women at the treatment center unconditionally. I did not know what was happening, but God certainly did. I am so thankful to Jesus Christ for allowing me to see through his heart and eyes teaching me what is a true love that comes from him. 2020 and COVID challenging times have been a season to re-evaluate the course of KUERO as social Christ Center business model. What has God called me to do? Why I am here in Canada? I am a Canadian! What do I have to offer? 2020 KUERO has evolved into a social enterprise, Christ Center business model where my designer platform will be used to transform people’s life from the inside and out in vulnerable communities in Nicaragua and Canada. I will do so by connecting both countries and peoples’ lives. KUERO will provide life skills through a holistic approach where women and men in addiction, single mothers and youth adult at risk will find an employment opportunity, self-worth and a purpose in life. We will do so by creating designer, pattern, sewing, stitching pattern making, customer service, retail, merchandising and digital courses. They will be involved in the designing, quality and production process of each product. We care and believe in human potential and capabilities as God created us. This beautiful platform will be used by our hands, minds and feet for the common good! Join me to provoke the social-positive change we aspire in society. Let’s empower, transform and create from the inside and out! Thank You! God Bless you!