Feel Beautiful Inside Out


KUERO, an ethical and fashion-forward brand, is my means to create positive change through beautiful, handmade leather goods.KUERO contributes to the physical, mental, and spiritual betterment of our artisans. This is why we carry the slogan “FEEL BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT.”

Physical: Sports activities and guidance to healthy nutritious habits.

Mental: Emotional Intelligence Program.

Spiritual: Daily Spirtiual Guidance through Bible studies and Devotionals.

We believe that real change comes from the inside and that each one of us is wired in a unique shape with a unique purpose, experience, ability, talent and spiritual gift. As we allow this transformaional process to take place we become more beautiful in the inside, thus, reflecting this inner beauty on the outside. As a result of this transformation our abilities, experiences, talents and spiritual gifts are elevated to full potential! Once transformed our experiences, abilities, talents, and spiritual gifts are used to provoke a positive change in society thus, fulfilling our purpose.

Reason why KUERO invests in the life of each collaborator. A collaborator KUERO is, therefore, a change maker! During the transformational process the collaborator is guided by our Pastor – Psychologist and Family Counselor.