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Graso red, Graso chocolate, Graso black, Dunas Red, Dunas Blue, Dunas mustard yellow, Dunas Chocolate, Chocolate Nubuck, Navie Blue Nubuck


graso red, graso chocolate, graso black


olive green, cobalt blue, beige, Dunas red, Dunas blue, Dunas mustard yellow, graso red, graso chocolate


Chocolate Grasso-Red Grasso- Black Grasso Cross Stitch Fringe has been assembled by hand with leather laces. Fringes on every side with cross body strap. Oiled Tanned Leather



Saddle Bag


Chocolate Grasso-Red Grasso- Black Grasso. Saddle Bag has been assembled by hand with leather laces. Confortable long strap. Oiled Tanned Leather.

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