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Colorful collection of gorgeous belts which can rehauss a simple dress in a hight fashion piece. Ask for your size. Dimensions (inches): Small : L26,5xW4,2 (+ lace) Medium : 40x4,2 (+ lace) Large : 50x4,2 (+ lace)  


Beige, Green Oilve, Cobalt Blue, Dunas Red, Dunas Blue, Dunas mustard yellow, Dunas Chocolate, Calf brown


Chocolate Grasso-Red Grasso- Black Grasso Cross Stitch Fringe has been assembled by hand with leather laces. Fringes on every side with cross body strap. Oiled Tanned Leather


A very fashion bracelet, with all the colour you want to fit with all your favorites clothes ! SMALL : W2,2xL5,6 + straps MEDIUM LARGE


beautifully handmade



Saddle Bag


Chocolate Grasso-Red Grasso- Black Grasso. Saddle Bag has been assembled by hand with leather laces. Confortable long strap. Oiled Tanned Leather.

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